Soapbox: Have you used your AC Transit Pass?

“Yes – I used it – I went to go get a U-Haul truck so I could get a couch from IKEA. It was awesome. And handy.” -Maggie Banken ‘11 “Yes I have used it – it was very convenient considering I didn’t have to take out money – since I already paid for it […]

Soapbox: Freshwomen, what is your impression of Mills so far?

“It’s been incredibly welcoming, the sense of community is great – even with cheesy events like the candlelight ceremony.” — Emily Csikszentmihalyi , freshwoman “It’s been overwhelming – lots of cheerleaders. I think you have to develop an affection for the school before the cheering happens.” — Kayla Isaacs, freshwoman “It’s been warm and welcoming, […]

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