First-year living community raises money for childrens fund

Halloween is fast-approaching and some Mills students are using the holiday to combine fun with a good cause. Members in the Leadership and Social Justice Living Learning Community (LLC) will go “trick-or-treating” for donations from the Mills community to raise money for the United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF). From Oct. 27 to Oct. 29, […]

A statue of an angel guards the Bradbury family mausoleum, constructedin 1892 on Millionaires' Row. (Anna Belle Peterson)

For Oakland residents, local cemetery a haunt with a view

Where Piedmont Avenue ends, the gravestones begin. The Mountain View Cemetery is 226 acres of hills, trails and headstone after headstone, several with statues of angels crumbling at the wings, some that have fallen over with age – but every single one has a story.

Perry Family Farms, an organic pumpkin patch in Fremont. (Tara Nelson)

From carving to cooking: the pursuit of the perfect pumpkin

We all know Peter Piper picked a pack of pickled peppers, but when it comes to picking the perfect pumpkin at Perry Farms which perfect pumpkin would Peter Piper pick?

Belanger, with her parrot in Sunnyside Cemetary, in front of Cyrus Mills' grave. (Rashida Harmon)

Century old campus home to intriguing hauntings

Imagine it’s a cold, gray night. The moon has cast a pale glow on the tree-lined paths of the Mills College campus, and you’re walking alone. As you walk, you go over the events of the day: that midterm you aced, the homework you didn’t do, your cute new crush.

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