A narrow path to law school

With a downpour of fluorescent lighting beaming from above, 400 would-be law students dressed in their Thursday best scampered across the bright, kaleidoscope patterned carpet in the Golden Gate Ballroom of the Marriott Marquis for the Law School Admissions Council’s San Francisco Law School Forum. Uniformed officials ushered aspirants from the buzzing law school recruitment […]

College: the real reason to go

While education is important, there are good reasons and bad reasons to spend your time and money getting a college education.

BLOG | Looking back on public school education

Lisa Bergquist blogs about the effects of textbooks on public school education.

Discover creative solutions to high priced textbooks

New classes inevitably bring new expenses, and soon students will begin to shuffle into the Mills bookstore with their syllabi in hand, hopeful there are still some used copies left of the books they need. The high price of textbooks has become the norm at colleges across the nation with individual titles costing as much […]

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