Athletic director wins prestigious award

Mills College Athletic Director Themy Adachi was awarded the Trailblazer Award Jan. 30 for her commitment to co-founding the Mills Community Tennis Program.

Swimmer breaks three top-10 records

Last weekend senior Emily Lebsack swam her way to three top-10 all-time Mills College swimming records, earning her this week’s Cyclone spotlight.

Track and field hurdles into third season

The track and field team is practicing on a new track this semester and has brought on an additional assistant running coach.

Cross country coach wins Coach of the Year award

This season Laura Davis, the cross country team coach, was awarded Coach of the Year at the California Pacific (Cal Pac) Championship Conference for showing strong contributions to the conference and for her efforts to increase her team’s competitive performance. One coach receives the award and trophy each year. While there are no official guidelines […]

Cross country advances to nationals

The Mills College cross country team proved that with dedication, it really is possible to reach one’s goals. The team won the California Pacific (Cal Pac) Conference Nov. 6 just three years after coming in last place at the meet. Its performance earned them a spot at this year’s National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Nationals, […]

Christina McWhorter, Greenhouse and Botanical Garden coordinator, talking to volunteers. (Debbie Barragan)

Students volunteer to prepare community garden for winter

On the morning of Friday, Oct. 23, nearly a dozen Mills women converged at the campus garden to remove exhausted tomato plants, tend seedlings and prepare planting beds for cover crops.

Belanger, with her parrot in Sunnyside Cemetary, in front of Cyrus Mills' grave. (Rashida Harmon)

Century old campus home to intriguing hauntings

Imagine it’s a cold, gray night. The moon has cast a pale glow on the tree-lined paths of the Mills College campus, and you’re walking alone. As you walk, you go over the events of the day: that midterm you aced, the homework you didn’t do, your cute new crush.

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