SPRING 2014 | Meet the Press

February 6, 2014

The mission of The Campanil is to serve the Mills College community through the practice of ethical and responsible journalism. Knowledge and progress in all areas of life is accomplished through the sharing of correct information. The Campanil strives to accomplish this standard by reporting and writing the truth in a way that enlightens and informs our entire community, while providing information in a manner that seeks participation through thoughtful response, dialogue and action.

Our clear objective is to serve the student body and we realize the importance and impact of this endeavor. We do not make news but cover the events that stimulate and change our community and college life.


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Tessa Love
Editor in Chief
Email: eic@thecampanil.com

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Natalie Meier
Managing Editor
Email: meier@thecampanil.com

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Ari Nussbaum
News Editor
Email: nussbaum@thecampanil.com

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Emily Mibach
Arts & Entertainment Editor
Email: mibach@thecampanil.com

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Mackenzie Fargo
Opinions Editor
Email: fargo@thecampanil.com

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Amanda Polick
Sports & Health Editor
Email: polick@thecampanil.com

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Francesca Twohy-Haines
Design Editor
Email: twohyhaines@thecampanil.com

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Melodie Miu
Online Editor
Email: miu@thecampanil.com

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Kate Carmack
Copy Chief
Email: carmack@thecampanil.com


Ashley Ongsarte

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Contributing Writers:
Kendall Anderson, S.A. Dew, Terrapin Frazier, Chardonnay Hightower-Collins, Janice Rabe, Jen Mac Ramos, and Fatima Sugapong

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