Senior show attendance ‘up and away’

April 10, 2006

Photo by Halie Johnson

"Up and Away," the senior thesis show for graduating art majors, made its debut Sunday, April 1 at the Mills Art Museum. "I felt like the show went really well… I was especially excited and surprised that people were interacting with some of the pieces," said Tara Goe, who's ostensibly titled "Employee of the Month" installation that explored the concept of the "work ethic" and had visitors rolling and tying small scrolls.

The 2006 Senior Thesis Exhibition features work in sculpture, ceramics, painting and new media. It is on display through April 15.

Zora Penberg, a sophomore and museum attendant, said that by 5 p.m. 400 people had visited the exhibit. Outside, a DJ played, refreshments were served and viewers mingled.

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