Quick exercises to do behind a desk

October 16, 2015

With hectic schedules packed with classes, work or clubs, it is not easy to schedule time to work out. For those who do not have the time to fit a solid workout into their schedule but want to, here are simple toning and strengthening exercises that you can do while sitting in class or studying.


(Monika Sabic)

  • Table Toners  While sitting behind a desk, place you hands flat on the table in front of you. Strongly press down on the table as you lift up your legs straight under the desk. Do not forget to sit up straight and hold in your abdomen. Hold your legs up and press your hands down for as long as you can hold.
    This workout is focused on building your core. By holding your legs out in the air, you are strengthening your vastus lateralis, the outside muscle of your thigh, and the rectus femoris, the front muscle of the thigh. Firmly pressing down on the table will build up the bicep muscles. By sitting up straight during this exercise, you will feel tension in the rhomoid major and rhomoid minor muscles that are located in your upper back, in between the spine and the shoulder blade. Strengthening these muscles will help build your posture.

(Monika Sabic)

  • Upper Arm Circles  You can get rid of those dumbbells; using your own upper body strength can be the best way to tone your arms. Simply hold your arms out to your sides and move your arms in circles. The larger the circle, the easier it is. The smaller the circle, the more difficult it is. Remember to stand or sit up straight. Do ten circles clockwise before switching to the counter-clockwise direction. You should feel a burn in your upper arm muscles. The Upper Arm Circles are an easy and quick way to tone your biceps and triceps muscles. In addition, this will help build the rhomoid major and rhomoid minor. This exercise will help build your posture.

Desk-friendly exercises are one of the many ways you can achieve physical wellness as a busy student.

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