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Overheard Dialogue: Feb. 19, 2014

These are overheard snippets in passing and are in no way representative of the entire student body.

“I juice…but I’m like an alcoholic.”


– – –

Professor: “Did you have your hand up?”
Student: “I was stretching.”
Professor: “Well, keep your hands to yourself or else it’ll turn into a question.”

– – –

About sparkly DivaCups: “Things have really gotten glamorous in the canal.”


– – –

“I think your boom made my boom happen.”

– – –

About the Girl Scout selling cookies on campus: “Thank god for little girls with wagons.”

– – –

“I love shape-ups!”

– – –

Two people talking about clothes:
Person A: “I like browns and blacks together.”
Person B: “I just want everything to be like a rich Dijon.”

– – –

“The interesting is politely subjective.”

Compiled by The Campanil staff.

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