Occupy Oakland Remains Strong Throughout Police Presence

October 28, 2011

On Oct. 10, Oakland Police create a barricade and stand ready with riot gear, including shields and zip ties. All photos by Chantelle Panackia.

In the Oscar Grant plaza, a large group of protesters hold up a banner apropos to the recent closing of schools in the Oakland Unified School District on Oct. 10.

Michelle Tassin, a first-year student at Mills, partaking in the protest with her sign.

Brooke Porter, a Mills first-year protesting with her homemade sign in front of City Hall on a rainy day.


A crowd scene depicts a Guy Fawkes mask hung on the back of a protester's head and a Hella Occupy Oakland sign being held up.


Undeterred by the rain, a large crowd congregated on the steps holding up homemade signs for the protest at the Oscar Grant Plaza.

Compiled by Bonnie Horgos and Joann Pak

Occupy Oakland Remains Strong Throughout Police Presence was published on October 28, 2011 in Features, News

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