Letters to Ladies

February 13, 2003

Mills College Weekly

Though I haven’t had much experience with sex toys, I thought how great it would be to shed some light on the subject.

When I first mentioned I was writing a story about sex toys, responses varied from giggles to a nonchalant “that’s cool,” but when it came time to actually discuss vibrators and dildos with those closest to me, I found that even in a liberal environment there is still some mystery and myths attached to sex toys and sex shops.

Vibrators and dildos are the most common and seem to be the most well known of sex toys, but people are not necessarily comfortable discussing them.

Sexuality.about.com has a glossary that defines a vibrator as “any device that uses batteries or AC current to create a vibration. Most often used by women to stimulate the clitoris.” Dildos are described as ” any cylindrically shaped object used for sexual stimulation (usually via insertion).”

Sex toys have been around for a while. On the Good Vibrations web site there is an antique vibrator museum dating back to 1869. Today there are a wide range and variety of sex toys offered.

Myths that are associated with sex toys and the people who use vibrators vary. Adult bookstores are often thought of as dark, seedy, and mostly for men.

Sophomore Lauren Towery was given a vibrator as a gag gift from her friends, her mom then stole it and threw it away.

However, there are women who are comfortable discussing their sex toy use and promote it. “They’re fabulous, no girl should be without one,” said freshwoman Isabelle Luebbers.

Another freshwoman who wasn’t comfortable having her name quoted said, “I’ve never had one, can’t afford one, but I’m sure they are great.”

While Caitlin Quigley was more than happy to discuss her use and said, “I went and bought one; they are quick and reliable.”

Letters to Ladies was published on February 13, 2003 in Arts & Entertainment

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