BLOG | Election results 2010

November 3, 2010

Jerry Brown has won his third term as California governor, Barbara Boxer maintains her spot in the Senate, the republicans gain control over the House of Representatives, marijuana remains illegal for recreational use, and we’re still waiting on Oakland.

I suppose it’s not surprising that California voters stuck with the democrats in this election, and that most of the rest of the country’s frustration with the democrats in office turned the tables in the House, but I’m blown away by the outcome of Proposition 19.

I’ve seen a lot of jokes about pot heads forgetting to show up to the polls, or about how they will be standing outside their local polling place early this morning, ready to vote, unaware that the fate of their past time has already been decided.

But I really thought the proposition would pass, even without the marijuana users’ vote. I thought the average Californian would believe in the individual right to ingest whatever he or she pleases. I guess not.

What surprised you most about the results of this election? Are you pleased with the way things turned out? Let us know by leaving a comment or contacting me at

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  • Jorge velazquez

    I’m very pleased with thee or come I voted for jerry brown n barbara boxer yes we were in a critical stage as a country I just hope we can get something done now, n about prop 19 I personally voted no I’m a nurse n for personal reasons but I do understand were your point of view is.

  • Eli

    I have a lot of california pothead friends and it may come surprising to you, but all of them were ready to vote no on prop 19.

    They dont want their precious weed taxed and controlled by the government. If you couldnt tell, it flourishes without them anyway. Anyhow, Im sure its only a matter of 2 years before it becomes legalized anyway. Its gotta be one of the last cash crops.

  • Hayato Ochiai

    The result of Prop 19 doesn’t surprise me. It just shows that marijuana consumers are really just that irresponsible and not in touch with reality by assuming that there are enough of them to reliably pass Prop 19. I was at the Obama rally at USC (being a student there) and I just knew that day that Brown and Boxer were going to win. I was even more convinced that Jamie Foxx will someday run for office. As for the Republicans taking the House of Reps, no big deal – they have to have something after all.

  • Laura

    I was also surprised by the rejection of Prop 19. We all know voting Californians are not all that concerned with individual rights (prop 8 disaster) but what about all that untapped taxable revenue… I guess increased college tuition and a devastasted job market are nothing compared to sticking it to the hippies!

  • Juan Gomez

    Juan Velazquez I am glad you are not a grammar teacher.

  • Joseph Greisen

    Proposition 19 is well intentioned but, like almost all propositions, badly written. If you’re going to make penicillin legal without a prescription, you’d put more safeguards in place than this proposition does for marijuana. It’s a blessing that it was shot down. But it will be back. Hopefully done correctly. Oh, by the way, I want Vicodin to be legal also without a prescription. And Viagra. And Flomax. And Xanax. And Levitra. And Amoxicillin. And …

    If you’re going to legalize a drug without the need for a prescription, then at least do it right. And, do it in the same logical context as with all other prescription drugs.