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COMIC | Hey kids! Take the online Mills Survey!

Illustrated by Katie Sunshine.

Full image below:

Are YOU an aspiring cartoonist? An actual cartoonist? Do you just love drawing stuff?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, send your ideas/comix to


  1. Kayla Isaacs Kayla Isaacs February 14, 2011

    I LOL’d. And seriously, did Mills get a deal on iPod shuffles in bulk or something? Though the latest trend seems to be the “I Hella Love Mills” shirts and the Mills snuggie.

  2. Jessica Lix Jessica Lix February 17, 2011

    Actually, people do win these prizes, I know because I personally won just this semester. These kinds of surveys really help people improve mills FOR the students, and this kind of negative press is just setting progress at mills back, and is untrue. I’d personally appriciate some kind of TRUE positive press about these surveys, like how they help! I realize the comic is a small part of the newspaper, and is just for laughs, but some type of research is necessary regardless. Thank you!

  3. Monk Henshaw Monk Henshaw February 18, 2011

    I didn’t receive my promised iPod Nano. Is in the mail? From two years ago? Jessica, do you have the answer? Did you take mine?

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