Health Matters

While transitioning to a different diet can be challenging, exploring new options and alternatives can be exciting. (Sheila Navarro)

Tips on how to transition to vegetarianism

Contributing writer Sheila Navarro offers tips on how to transition to being a vegetarian when you come from a culture with meat laden dishes.

Vegans gather at Mills

A group of students began an informal group to eat vegan food and discuss veganism together.

(Photo courtesy of Ali Greene-Deutsch) Ali-Greene-Deutsch has practiced yoga for over a decade, and brings her experience to her column in The Campanil.

Meet Ali Greene-Deutsch, yoga instructor

Ali Greene-Deutsch has over a decade of experience practicing yoga, and now brings her knowledge to The Campanil.

Hair like winter: The power of deep conditioning

Opinions Editor Dajanae Barrows shares some deep conditioners to help hair stay healthy during the Winter.

Healthy tips and tricks to tackle finals

News Chief Abbey Flentje shares some helpful tips to get through finals.

Forrest’s diets consists of mainly organic meats and fresh vegetables.

Why I choose to eat meat

Arts and Entertainment Editor Grace Forrest shares her reasons and some information on why she eats meat.


The importance of therapy for college students

News Editor Abbey Flentje shares her experience with therapy and why college students should consider it.

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