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The trail running class offers students beautiful views. (Calli Storrs)

Trail running class goes the distance

Sports and Health Editor Marisa Tangeman describes why the trail running class is worth the early morning wake ups.

The salad bar is a great resource for extra veggies if your meal is lacking in the nutrients you want. (Marisa Tangeman)

Tips on making Founders vegan friendly

Sports and Health Editor Marisa Tangeman shares tips to put together vegan friendly plates at Founder’s.

IUDs are placed directly in the uterus. (Wikimedia Commons)

What to expect when getting an IUD

Sports Editor Marisa Tangeman shares her experience getting an IUD.


2017: The year of the gym rat

Contributing writer Rachel Pignata shares some tips to to help with fitness journeys.

Expanding social justice: Ableism and why it matters

Contributing writers Kelly Dailey, Dani Shapira, and Regina Wang speak out about ableism and why it matters talking about it.

Sheila Navarro

Zucchini meatball recipe

For those who want to learn a new dish in time for Thanksgiving, check out this Zucchini “Meatball” Recipe taken from

While transitioning to a different diet can be challenging, exploring new options and alternatives can be exciting. (Sheila Navarro)

Tips on how to transition to vegetarianism

Contributing writer Sheila Navarro offers tips on how to transition to being a vegetarian when you come from a culture with meat laden dishes.

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