Autism acceptance vs. autism awareness

Autism Awareness Day occurs every year on April 12. Originally created by the United Nations (U.N.) during the 2008 General Assembly, it has since been expanded by various organizations to the entire month of April, and has become Autism Awareness month. Autism Awareness Day was started because, according to the U.N., “the rate of autism […]

Psychological impacts of the herpes stigma

For many people, receiving a positive diagnosis for Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) feels like the end of the world. Their dating and sex life suddenly feels impossible for fear of rejection when telling someone they carry the virus. Although herpes is treatable and is very common among people in the United States, those who have […]

Let’s talk about sex: Consent is not just sexy—it’s mandatory

Yes, consent is sexy. But it is also so much more than that, and it should not have to be sugar coated in sex appeal to encourage people to practice it. While asking for consent doesn’t have to be awkward, it sometimes can be, and that’s okay. Consent is essential in sex and relationships, working […]

Preventing waste increase can start with small steps

Each day, around the world, humans produce 3.5 million tons of garbage, according to the Washington Post. This number will continue to increase as populations and economies grow. According to the same article, each American throws away their own body weight in trash every month, which adds up to 1,500 pounds of trash a year, according to National Geographic. […]

The Women’s World Cup is this summer: Here’s what you need to know

The eighth ever Women’s World Cup will start on June 7—and unlike last summer, when the U.S. men’s team didn’t make it to the tournament, the United States women’s team not only qualified, they’re the reigning champions. As one of the most successful women’s soccer teams in the world, the U.S. women’s national team is […]

To gluten or not to gluten?

In recent years the term gluten-free has become more well known than ever before. From gluten-free goods becoming regularly available in grocery stores to gluten-free options being added to restaurant menus, what was once a costly, niche label has become widespread. In the International Food Information Council Foundation’s 2018 Food and HealthSurvey, gluten-free eating ranked […]

Struggling in silence: Underdiagnosis of ADHD in women

If you were to look at my high school transcript, it would be easy to assume that I was a bright kid who breezed through my time there—I got all As, took honors and AP classes and was involved in multiple extra-curriculars. Yet if you were to look at my day-today-reality, a different story would […]