Festival of Light and Dark welcomes all

Photo by Lila Goehring

The Festival of Light and Dark (FOLD) is an annual Mills traditional that occurs near the end of the fall semester. This year, it will be on Dec. 10. The festival is a place for everyone to come together, regardless of religious or spiritual identity. It is a chance for different religious and spiritual groups on-campus to […]

A day in the life of a rower

Photo by Annie Pearce

Athletes account for a sizeable portion of the population at Mills College. Everyone has sat next to a student athlete in class or at Founders, but those who do not play sports may not understand the intensity and dedication their life requires. Their lives require extensive planning, hard work and attention to health and time. For […]

Mental health: a practical list of resources

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

It has become more commonly believed that mental health is just as important as physical health when thinking about long term lifestyle choices. However, it can be important to reach out for professional help when mental health issues threaten safety or if they are getting in the way of everyday life. There are resources for […]

The midterms are upon us

Photo by Marisa Tangeman

The days are getting shorter, workloads are getting heavier and deadlines are getting closer. Sprinkle on the looming results of the midterms both academically and politically—piping fresh in the collective psyche; many may be wondering “where do we go from here?” Sure, commiserating online via existential memes is certainly a viable option, but it’s not […]

The Ferry Plaza Marketplace sells flowers in addition to produce, prepared food, baked goods and other items on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Be eco-friendly by shopping at farmers markets

Eating locally and sustainably grown food is widely known as being beneficial to one’s health, the local economy, and the planet. A great way to buy local is to shop at farmers markets. Not only do farmer’s markets sell food that is in season, they offer a wide variety of foods all within a neighboring region […]

Mills is a Division III school that offers many sports such as tennis, rowing, volleyball, cross country and soccer.

Rewarding on and off the court: the student athlete experience

Never in my life did I think that I would unironically give myself the label of athlete. Growing up, my brother and I played our comfortable roles: he was the sporty one, I was the brainy one. Yet all of that changed during my very first week of Mills when I went up to a brightly colored […]

This simple blueberry muffin recipe can be altered to make it your own.

Comfort food recipes for break

Before coming to Mills, I worked in a small café and coffee roasting company. Although I started out as a barista, I eventually got to learn how to make our daily food and bakery specials—all made from scratch in the morning before opening. For no specific reason at all other than the fact that I’m […]