Self-Care can help ease student stress

The Self-Care for Healing and Mobilization workshop kicked off the annual Queer Conference at California State University East Bay, where schools from all around Northern California gathered on Saturday, March 10. The host, Phiroozeh Petigara, a local yoga teacher and writer, said that people tend to face strong societal messages that contradict taking care of […]

Asian American representation in the Olympics inspires pride

(Photo from Wikimedia Commons) Mirai Nagasu at the 2010 Olympics. Nagasu was one of 11 Asian Americans representing the U.S. in the winter 2018 Olympics.

This 2018 Winter Olympics has been an amazing time for the Asian Americans on the U.S. team. In snowboarding, Chloe Kim at 17 years old became the youngest female to win a medal, taking gold. Vincent Zhou became the first skater to land a quadruple lutz jump in any Olympic game ever. Nathan Chen became […]

Hummus lovers, try this vegan hummus recipe!


When I was in high school, I worked at a fancy wine and cheese restaurant that made delicious hummus. I have committed it to memory as if it were the secret Coca Cola recipe. It’s simple enough to make in your dorm, if you have access to a blender or food processor, and only has a few […]

Chloe Kim, youngest female snowboarder to win gold

At just 17 years old, Chloe Kim became the youngest woman to win a golden Olympic snowboarding medal for the United States. She competed in the Winter Youth Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea where her relatives got to see her perform live. Kim is a first-generation Korean-American, born in Long Beach, California and raised in nearby […]

(Photo courtesy of Cosmetic defects are a common reason why produce is thrown away.

Fresh food boxes work to reduce food waste

How often do you think about the food you eat? How often do you think about the food that you don’t eat? The food that never makes it to the grocery store, to the table? According to the Guardian, about 150,000 tons of food in American households are thrown out every day. The National Resources […]

Q&A with Creative Animal foundation co-founder Tim Davison

On April 3, Mills college hosted the Creative Animal foundation’s tiny house behind the tea shop. The house is 203 square feet, Creative Animal foundation co-founder Tim Davison said. He and his partner, Stephanie Arne live in their tiny house. Their website says they are “a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization devoted to advancing education and science […]

New farm manager puts roots down at Mills

Since the beginning of this spring 2018 semester, Mills College’s Urban Farm has a new farm manager. While Julia Dashe has only been at Mills for two months, she has already dug right in. Dashe was hired after Mills’ first and previous farm manager, Alisha Strater, turned in her resignation notice at the end of last semester […]