New equipment, new looks at Haas and Trefethen

Things look as they should to new students on campus, but returning students may have noticed a few obvious changes in the physical appearance of Mills College since last spring. Lisser Hall is currently under construction and slated to remain so until the spring of 2018. The pond next to the music building is dry […]

Veggie Confessions: Chickpea Cutlets

Vegan Confessions: Chickpea Cutlets Based on recipe found in Veganomicon (2007) If you’re like me and are always looking for a healthy and tasty meat substitute but don’t feel like frying up tofu, there’s a solution that doesn’t involve soy, frying pans, or spending hours in the kitchen. What You’ll Need: 1 15 oz. […]

Changes to Counseling and Psychological Services in 2017

While it’s hard for students to find counselors with preferred identities, Counseling and Psychological Service (CAPS) is making an effort toward accommodating as many of those identities as possible. At the suggestions of students, the department now provides the option to request a counselor holding certain identities, both racial and ethnic, and sexual identities. Last […]

CAPS support groups

Feelings are difficult. Sometimes they crop up out of nowhere, when we least expect or want them. They can depend on a lot of things, which can make even familiar feelings tough to navigate. But as debilitating as they can be, Mills College Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) wants its students to know they don’t […]

Student athletes stagnate due to air quality

Student athletes have been dealing with cancelled practices and matches in the wake of the poor air quality from the fires in the North Bay that began on Oct. 8. Athletic trainer Natalie Spangler said that she has been working with athletic director Themy Adachi to determine whether it is safe for sports teams and […]

Vera Clinic without medical care until nurse practitioner arrives

The new Vera Whole Health clinic on campus will be receiving a nurse practitioner in November after being unable to provide medical care for the first months of the school year. The clinic, located in CPM 117, will be adding Mills alumna Rebecca Faith to their team as nurse practitioner. It is currently staffed by […]

Mills soccer team takes a knee

“I know the reasons why I took a knee,” said Alondra Rios. Rios plays forward and middle on the Mills soccer team. “But when I stood up, some of the fans that wanted to show their patriotism were cheering aggressively,” she said. “Trying to show their side. Almost saying, ‘I’m going to show you what it’s like […]