Cyclone of the Week

Julian Mokgoatsana is Cyclone of the Week after proving herself at the UC Davis Regatta and by having strong leadership on the crew team.

Pick-up volleyball brings afternoon delight to Mills

(Danielle Toriumi) Loke Davis, the volleyball coach, leads pick-up volleyball on Friday afternoons.

Pick-up volleyball on Fridays strengthens Mills’ community.

Women U.S. soccer fights for equal pay

(Courtesy of Wikipedia) The women's U.S. soccer team was the first ever soccer team to receive a ticker-tape parade in New York City in 2015.

Five professional female soccer players filed an action against wage discrimination in the United States Soccer Federation.

Female tennis players face sexist remarks from CEO

(Courtesy of Flickr) Serena Williams is the highest ranked female tennis player. She and her sister, Venus Williams, were advocates for equal prize money pay for female tennis players.

Sexist remarks regarding female tennis players from CEO of the Indian Wells Masters tournament are a continuation of the gendered sports world.

Self care tips for midterms

Editor Marisa Tangeman shares some self-care tips.

H.E.A.L. club does health themed crafts like making teabags. (Felicianna Marquez)

H.E.A.L. club opens discussion on health equity

Senior Felicianna Marquez started the Health Equity and Leadership club for students to discuss health equity.

Squats, lunges, and glue bridges are the best exercise to strengthen and tone your glutes. (Marisa Tangeman)

Build-a-Butt Workshop

Contributing writer Rachel Pignata shares tips to work out your derrière.