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Mills Commons meeting aims to quell concerns, stirs up more confusion

  The office of the president and other members of administration held a Mills Commons meeting on Mon. June 12 to update and explain the results of the Financial Stabilization Plan (FSP). Proposed by the board of trustees, the plan aims to cut $1.5 million in instructional salaries at the expense of programs, departments and faculty […]

Ann Metcalf Profile

Anthropology professor Ann Metcalf is retiring after 32 years at Mills.


Departing | Dr. Bruce Williams

Dr. Bruce Williams leaves behind a legacy of social change agents and critical thinkers after 18 years at Mills.


PLEA department head departs Mills

With nearly 40 years of teaching at Mills under his belt, Paul Schulman is retiring. He reminds his students to question everything.

Anna Murch. (Image courtesy of Spike Mafford)

Anna Valentina Murch: Never Forgotten

On March 26, the Mills art community lost one of its most revered members when professor Anna Valentina Murch died of cancer.

(The Crest, 1972)

A Few of Mills’ Most Beloved Then & Now: Robert Anderson

Affectionately known as “Dr. Bob,” Robert Anderson has been a member of  Mills College’s faculty since 1960 as the professor of Anthropology and Sociology.

(Courtesy of Hung Liu)

Retiring and remembered: Hung Liu

Widely recognized as America’s most important Chinese artist, Hung Liu is a tenured professor in the art department at Mills College. She will be officially retiring after the Fall 2013 semester.

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