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Farewell | Goodnight, and Goodluck

Our Editor-in-Chief Emily Mibach signs off with a farewell letter.

(Photo by Ari Nussbaum)

Kate’s Goodbye

Copy Chief Kate Carmack says goodbye to The Campanil and writes about what it’s like to have been a part of a team — a “we.”

Annie O'Hare.

Graduating Campanil staff say their final goodbyes: Annie O’Hare

Though she hasn’t been at Mills very long, it wasn’t until graduating News Editor Annie O’Hare started writing for The Campanil that she began to understand a responsibility to her peers at school.

Lauren-Marie Sliter.

Graduating Campanil staff say their final goodbyes: Lauren Sliter

The most important lesson graduating Editor-in-Chief Lauren-Marie Sliter has learned is that family is more than simple blood relation and home is not necessarily where you were born and raised.