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Mills Commons meeting aims to quell concerns, stirs up more confusion

† The office of the president and other members of administration held a Mills Commons meeting on Mon. June 12 to¬†update and explain the results of the Financial Stabilization Plan (FSP). Proposed by the board of trustees, the plan aims to cut $1.5 million in instructional salaries at the expense of programs, departments and faculty […]

(Hart Rosenberg) Due to low enrollment, ASMC has been lacking money for their special funding for clubs and organizations.

Looking to the Future | ASMC starts stitching up slashed budgets

Although ASMC struggled to balance their budget this semester, their finances seem hopeful for next semester.

Anniversaries | Mills yearbook publications turns a century old

The Mills yearbook celebrates its hundreth anniversary this year.

Anniversary I Campanil

Next year, The Campanil will be one hundred years old.

Ann Metcalf Profile

Anthropology professor Ann Metcalf is retiring after 32 years at Mills.

(Emily Mibach)

FAREWELL | Writer first, woman second

Opinions editor Dajanae Barrows says a bittersweet goodbye to the Campanil.


Departing | Dr. Bruce Williams

Dr. Bruce Williams leaves behind a legacy of social change agents and critical thinkers after 18 years at Mills.

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