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Posts published in “Protest Coverage 2014”

BWC demands still being answered months later

In response to the BWC's List of Demands finalized on March 4, numerous services have been made available for Black students across campus.

An Open Letter from Jingles

Thalia Moore, better known as Jingles, pens a letter about race culture at Mills and being a black student.

Staff Editorial: Critique of Silent Protest Coverage

In this week's editorial, The Campanil staff reflects on the critique of our coverage of the March 5 silent protest and what it means to be an ethical, unbiased journalist.

Students speak out against culture of racism at Mills

A recent racist post on the now-defunct Mills College Confessions page set off a chain of events that’s ignited a rise to action surrounding the culture of racism on campus.

Letter From the Office of the President

Mills President Alecia DeCoudreaux penned a letter to the Mills community to address racism at Mills and to announce a new task force.

“We Will Prevail”

Joyelle Baker's contribution is a shortened version of her original blog post for The Campanil's print issue, coming out on Tuesday, March 11.