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Posts published in “Podcasts”

PODCAST | Women, Infants and Children

Women, Infants, and Children, or WIC, is a program that started in the 1970's, and provides food vouchers to disadvantaged women with children.

PODCAST | Fairyland

On the shores of Lake Merritt, Oakland's Fairyland has been keeping people of all ages entertained for years with stories, rides and performances.

PODCAST | Heal The Streets

Technology seems to surround us these days...and younger folks are even more likely to be spending hours of their energy online. But what if teens could channel that energy into activism?

PODCAST | Chinatown

Situated between downtown and the wharf, Chinatown is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Oakland.

PODCAST | Derby Girls

Picture the toughest woman you know. Now picture her in a mini-skirt, fishnets, kneepads and roller skates. Imagine twenty women just like her slamming into each other as they skate around a roller rink, and you’ve got a typical Roller Derby match.

PODCAST | Mountain View Cemetery

The Mountain View Cemetery on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland is a beautiful setting for all people – alive or dead.

PODCAST | Underage Prostitution

In some neighborhoods of Oakland, opportunities to earn a living in the formal economy are limited. For teenage girls, this often means prostitution.