Photo Credit: Mackenzie Fargo

STORIFY | BWC Silent Protest at Adams Plaza

The Black Women’s Collective held a silent protest at Adams Plaza for two hours on Wednesday, March 5.

Online Editor Melodie Miu @mldmiu tweeted out this picture through The Campanil Twitter @thecampanil: "The Campanil staff has boarded the plane headed to San Diego! More updates of the #acpsd convention to come!"

ACP 2014 | Everything We Tweeted About And Did That Weekend (STORIFY)

Here’s the compilation of everything The Campanil staff tweeted about and did during the ACP Conference in San Diego from Feb. 27 until March 2.

Image tweeted by @thecampanil: "Community Agreement guidelines are set out on each table #millstownhall"

STORIFY | “Moving Forward in These Challenging Times” Town Hall Meeting (And Why We Stopped Live-Tweeting)

The Campanil staff was set to live-tweet while they reported on the “Moving Forward in These Challenging Times” town hall meeting on March 4 until scenes started to unfold.

Despite being drenched in the rain and having tired feet, Online Editor Melodie Miu still tweets. (Photo by Mackenzie Fargo)

ACP 2014 | No Need to Warn Us (STORIFY)

Online Editor Melodie Miu blogs about the importance of web content and the new kind of journalist she wishes to see in The Campanil newsroom.

The Kon Tiki Ballroom before the keynote speaker. (Photo by Mackenzie Fargo)

ACP 2014 | Mad Dash (with PHOTOS)

Despite the mad dash during her first day of ACP, there were a few things that stuck with Opinions Editor Mackenzie Fargo.

From Emily Mibach's Instagram.

ACP 2014 | Friday: Live-tweeting and Glaring (STORIFY)

Arts & Entertainment Editor Emily Mibach did two things on her first day of ACP: live-tweeting the talks she’s been to and glaring.

The view from one of the rooms of The Campanil editors at ACP in San Diego. (Natalie Meier)

ACP 2014 | Day #1: Mini-Monsoons and Ethical Journalism (STORIFY)

Managing Editor Natalie Meier blogs about the rain in San Diego and her first two ACP workshops focused on the legal rights of students and the ethics of reporting.

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