STAFF BLOG | Season 3 of Black Mirror hits Netflix

Copy Chief Kenna Wright recommends Black Mirror to those who are fans of fiction, satire or dark and twisted stories.

STAFF BLOG I Horror movies to watch before Halloween

Editor in Chief Abbey Flentje shares her favorite horror movies to watch in light of Halloween.

SPOTIFY| The Campanil staff suggests their favorite Halloween 2016 music

The Campanil Staff compiles their favorite songs to listen to during Halloween season.

SPOTIFY| Music for midterms at this point in the semester

News Editor Emily Burian puts together a playlist to help the productivity going during midterm season.

STAFF BLOG| Where to go for coffee and tea during midterms

Assistant News Editor Marisa Tangeman shares her favorite local coffee spots.

STAFF BLOG| Art exhibitions to keep an eye out for!

Design Editor Dani Toriumi gives a list of recommendations for local art shows and galleries.

Crazy Rich Asians can be found in the F.W. Olin Library for checkout.

STAFF BLOG| Crazy Rich Asians is a crazy good book

Sports and Health Editor Calli Storrs recommends her favorite book for the semester.

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