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Mehserle defense begins arguments with attacks on Grant’s character

Detective Alex Hidas, an 8-year veteran of the San Leandro Police force, was conducting a traffic stop on a vehicle Grant was traveling in because the officer was temporarily blinded by its high-beam headlights.

Prosecution rests in Mehserle trial; BART train operator downplays severity of fight

Alameda County Deputy District Attorney David Stein called five witnesses — three of them BART employees — to the stand Monday and played a synchronized video showing the incident as captured from six different angles by bystanders and a security camera side by side.

Controversial former BART officer takes the stand in Mehserle murder trial

Former BART Police Officer Anthony Pirone gave the command for Johannes Mehserle to arrest Oscar Grant in the moments before Mehserle fatally shot the 22-year-old as he lay prone on the platform at Fruitvale BART.

Extraordinary steps taken to avert violence after Mehserle verdict

Oakland Police began taking extraordinary steps today to prepare for a potential violent reaction to a verdict in the second-degree murder trial of ex-BART Police Officer Johannes Mehserle.

Former BART officer describes what happened morning Grant was shot

Former BART Police Officer Marysol Domenici, whose role in the events leading up to the shooting of unarmed BART passenger Oscar Grant by former BART Police Officer Johannes Mehserle has sparked controversy, took the witness stand this morning in Mehserle’s second-degree murder trial.

New BART Police Chief Kenton Rainey officially takes charge of department

Kenton Rainey, 51, officially took the reigns of BART Police after successfully completing a vetting process by the agency, the transit district said today. He was offered the position in May.

Firearms in the spotlight as Mehserle murder trial continues

Firearms training was in the spotlight this morning as experts testified that movements made by former BART Police officer Johannes Mehersle to release the weapon holstered at his right hip were inconsistent with the proper way to draw a gun.