Disaster in Japan

BLOG | Disaster in Japan: Get involved

Within is a list of just a few places you can make donations to aid disaster relief effort in Japan.

PODCAST | “I Love You More”: Hear reaction of Japan disaster from a student

Mills student Priscilla Yuki Wilson talks to her grandmother in disaster-ravaged Japan. Listen to her podcast within.

Student headed to study abroad is not deterred by earthquake in Sendai, Japan

Mills student Christina Macias recounts her experience following the recent earthquake-and-tsunami in Japan and why she has chosen to continue her study abroad plans to Tokyo.

BLOG | Understand Japan better with New York Times’ interactive map

As recommended by our Calendar Editor, here is the link to the ‘Map of the Damage From the Japanese Earthquake’ to better understand the situation in Japan geographically.

PHOTOS | After Japan’s tsunami: the Santa Cruz harbor

The Santa Cruz harbor was affected by a tsunami on Mar. 11 due to a 9.0 earthquake off Japan’s coast.

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