Disaster in Japan

“Ganbare Fukushima, Ganbare Nihon”: Golden Week signals springtime in Japan

Christina Macias is experiencing Golden Week of springtime though things may still seem less “golden” for the people in Japan.

New beginnings in Tokyo during Hanami Matsuri season

As the Mills school year draws to a close, Christina Macias’ at Sophia University in Tokyo is just beginning.

Beyond the Quake: Mills professor shaken by destruction in Japan, helps students cope with old art

Mary-Ann Milford, an Asian art history professor, provides students with some hope about the ongoing disaster in Japan with the iconic image of “The Great Wave off Kanagawa.”

Psychology professor, students study memories of Japan disaster

In response to the recent earthquakes and tsunami in Japan, Psychology Professor Christie Chung is conducting a study about peoples’ memories of the disaster.

Experts say nuclear crisis in Japan poses little threat to U.S.

In terms of radioactive threat, the danger here in the United States is negligible.

BREAKING NEWS: Another earthquake shakes Japan

A 7.1 earthquake struck the North Coast of Japan on Apr. 7 at 7:32 a.m. PT (10:32 p.m. in Japan).

BLOG | Mills Survey: Participate in research on memories of Japan

Take the Mills survey and tell the Psychology Department about your memories related to the ongoing disaster in Japan.

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