Anniversary I Campanil

Next year, The Campanil will be one hundred years old.


Farewell | Creating and Belonging

Arts and Entertainment editor Grace Forrest says goodbye to the Campanil, one of two things that has had the most impact on her career at Mills.

(Emily Mibach)

FAREWELL | Writer first, woman second

Opinions editor Dajanae Barrows says a bittersweet goodbye to the Campanil.


Departing | Dr. Bruce Williams

Dr. Bruce Williams leaves behind a legacy of social change agents and critical thinkers after 18 years at Mills.


Farewell | Finally a staff writer

Our Design editor, Francesca Twohy-Haines, finally writes a story- her farewell letter.


Farewell | Goodnight, and Goodluck

Our Editor-in-Chief Emily Mibach signs off with a farewell letter.

(Courtesy of Mills College)

Looking to the Future | Q&A with Elizabeth Hillman

Dajanae Barrows interviewed Mills’ future president Elizabeth Hillman about what she will bring to Mills.