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Posts published in “Blogs”

BLOG | Let us see Pelosi!

Melodie Miu blogs about pushing the moving date so non-graduating students can see Nancy Pelosi as the Commencement speaker.

VIDEO | Max’s Cooking Vlog #1

Maxamaris “Max” Hoppe, makes her first cooking video blog, or vlog, catering to the needs of college students just in time for St. Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day poses health debate

The gifts to give on Valentine's Day may satisfy that lingering sweet tooth, however, it may leave your loved ones feeling stressed emotionally and financially.

New cooking blog begins with delicious Indian food recipe

Tired of Founders? Don’t know what to do with your kitchen? Sick of microwave dinners? Is the dollar menu making your stomach turn? Don’t be intimidated by unprocessed food! You can cook anything you want to and we’re making an Indian feast.