One of the art projects done by the members of the Mills Body Positivity Group. (Photo courtesy of Kendall Anderson)

HEALTH | Body Positivity: To Look Forward One Must Look Back

New blogger Kendall Anderson writes about her personal struggles with disordered eating and why she decided to start the Mills Body Positivity Group.

Broccoli bunches. (Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

FOOD | Friends Without Bar Codes

While there is no perfect or universal diet for humans, nutrition enthusiast Marisol Mia recommends that everyone should at least eat foods that have no bar codes — like broccoli and pineapple.

Proposed changes to food labels. (Graphic from the health blog

FOOD | An Introduction and How It’s Not Always About the Calories

Nutrition enthusiast Marisol Mia introduces herself and explains how counting calories for a meal doesn’t always mean it’ll contribute to one’s good health.

Health Matters: You are what you eat

Striving to maintain a healthy lifestyle becomes problematic when factoring in issues such as accessibility and the amount of time required to procure and prepare healthier foods. Though Americans are bombarded with constant images and promotions to “eat right, get fit” and so on, in terms of providing its community with actual support to foster […]

Healthy Halloween Treat: Bloody Pomegranate Tapioca

Looking for an easy, festive treat to make for your friends and family this Halloween? Here is a vegan, gluten-free dessert that is low in fat, while still big on flavor thanks to the tangy pomegranate and just a hint of vanilla. The bright red color makes it a perfect Halloween treat and can be […]

Meatless menu suggestions

Vegetarian dishes can be as simple as you need them to be. Try some of these delicious suggestions. For breakfast: – Fruit smoothie – Oatmeal with dairy-free milk and fruit – Cereal with dairy-free milk – Bagel with peanut butter or dairyfree cream cheese – Soy yogurt with fruit – Pancakes with maple syrup and fresh […]

Do this, not that: tips for living good, feeling better

I would be a complete liar and lose all credibility as a journalist or a writer if I denied that I sometimes skipped my meals. Sure, it might not happen intentionally (our hectic schedules sometimes dictate our lives, no?), but once we get to the point where we acknowledge we don’t eat enough and don’t […]

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