Engaging in safe sex amidst hookup culture

Hookup culture isn’t anything new, but its definition and impact evolve with each new generation. And like each generation before, young people have to find out for themselves how to be involved in hookup culture in the safest and healthiest ways. Many articles like, “Here’s Everything We Know For Sure About Millennials And Sex“, write that millennials and Generation […]

What is the CHRC and how you can get involved

The Community Health and Resource Center, or the CHRC, is the place for all Mills students to get resources and information easily and at no cost. “The CHRC is a student organization that aims to provide personal health resources to the Mills community,” president Christal Rhea said. “Some of the resources the CHRC offers include pads, tampons, […]

Some of the members of Body Positivity Club including Kendall Anderson (center) holding up a sign in honor of NEDA week. (Courtesy of Kendall Anderson)

HEALTH | Body Positivity: In Honor of NEDA Week

Mills Body Positivity Group founder Kendall Anderson writes a blog in honor of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, or NEDA, and lists ways on what you can do about disordered eating.

(Image courtesy of the blog, He and She Eat Clean)

HEALTH | Body Positivity: The Dirty Reality of “Clean Eating”

Mills Body Positivity Group founder Kendall Anderson shares her own experience with “clean eating” and the potential harm the hot new diet trend can cause.

Photo Credit: Strong For Life Campaign.

HEALTH | Body Positivity: The Impacts of Fat Shaming

Mills Body Positivity Group founder Kendall Anderson shines a light on the epidemic of “fat-shaming,” or the discrimination against people who are overweight.

Urban Outfitters' notorious "Eat Less" T-shirt.

BLOG | Body Positivity: Fashion’s Poor Taste

Mills Body Positivity Group founder Kendall Anderson points out the hypocrisy, fat shaming and negative body image in fashion.

Before Mrs. Hill changed took down the hypocritical photos of her sons, I managed to get a screen shot.

BLOG | Body Positivity: The Troubling Statement of the “FYI (If you’re a teenage girl)” Blog Post

Mills Body Positivity Group founder Kendall Anderson addresses the hypocrisy and double standard of a recent slut-shaming post from a blog called Given Breath.

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