Split pea soup. (Wikimedia Commons)

FOOD | The Importance of Soup

Food Blogger Megan Brown shares a yummy split pea soup recipe and the historical, literary, and personal connections associated with the dish.

Moira Roth's table spread in the Tea Shop. (Photo by Melodie Miu)

FOOD | Convocation 2013: Breakfast with Moira Roth

Melodie Miu writes about her experience at Art History Professor Moira Roth’s pre-Convocation breakfast.

(Photographed by Janice Rabe)

An adventure of food: Renaissance Faire

Where can you find trinkets, jousting, turkey legs, and men in tights all in the same place? A Renaissance Faire.

scot food 2

An Adventure of Food: Scottish Style

Food Columnist Janice Rabe shares her foodie experience at the 148th Scottish Highland Gathering in Pleasanton, California.

Breakfast may not be as essential as once thought. (Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

FOOD | Don’t Be a Breakfast Fascist

As much as Megan Brown would like to stick to a rigid meal plan, like eating a hearty breakfast every morning, there’s only so much she can endure.

Image of a Berry Rush Smoothie. (Irene Mantonanakis' blog

FOOD | Berry Rush Smoothie

Food blogger Fadwa Bouhedda came up with a yummy berry smoothie recipe to give her body a much-needed energy boost after a long week and being out in the sun.

Let Go and Let Goat Cheese Salad. (Photo by Megan Brown)

FOOD | Let Go and Let Goat Cheese Salad

Some people summon their faith during hard times whereas Megan Brown is summoned by her childlike sense of humor. Check out her inspired recipe for a ‘Let Go and Let Goat Cheese Salad.’

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