Comic: Midterm blues

Comic artist Leslie Levia depicts the midterm blues that students feel at this point in the semester.

COMIC | Mills midterm revolution

Cartoonist Leslie Leiva explores midterm season at Mills through the lens of a Pokemon trainer.


COMIC | The nightmare of “regifting”

Cartoonist Leslie Levia portrays the action of regifting in this comic.

art vs reality comic copy

COMIC | The art world v. real life

Comic artist Nico Harriman compares what happens in the art world to what happens in reality for people.

oct 1 comic

COMIC | The start of the season

Cartoonist Leslie Leiva expresses the excitement of Halloween in this comic strip.

death by midterms

COMIC | Death by midterms

Cartoonist Leslie Leiva perfectly captures the stresses of midterms for Mills students.


COMIC | Life with & without a girlfriend

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