ACP| Sex columns are no joke

Assistant Sports and Health Editor Monika Sabic talks about a sex column panel that she attended during ACP.

ACP | Meeting others who strive for the perfect paper

News Editor Abbey Flentje shares her experience at ACP speaking to other editors and journalists.

ACP | Lessons from Michael Koretzky, the man in cargo pants

Arts and Entertainment Editor Terrapin Frazier talks about the “For Editors Only: Rule with an iron fist yet wear a velvet glove” session she attended and flying cigars.

ACP |Manner school was useful after all

Design Editor Francesca Twohy-Haines shares her networking experience at ACP.


ACP | Copy editors grill the meat

A blog written by The Campanil’s Copy Chief Greta Lopez about the lack of copy editing skills at ACP.

ACP | Hosting my first panel, fear and the conference

Opinions Editor Dajanae Barrows writes about her experience from the weekend at ACP and being part of the How Queer panel.

ACP| Why dressing your best all the time is important

Online Assistant Editor Alexina Estrada shares her experience with wardrobe choices at ACP.

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