(Photos courtesy of Mills College) Under the financial stabilization plan approved by the Mills College Board of Trustees, Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies Vivian Chin (left) has been laid off, as well as Professor of Philosophy Marc Joseph (top right), Professor of Physics David Keeports (bottom right) and Professor of History Wah Cheng, (not pictured).

Mills College announces revised financial stabilization plan

Following weeks of meetings, letters and discussions, Mills College officials have revealed some details of the impact the school’s financial emergency will have on the community. On Tuesday, June 27, the president’s office released a statement announcing¬†a revised financial stabilization plan (FSP)¬†approved by the Mills College Board of Trustees in a closed meeting on June […]

Campanil returns from Los Angeles with accolades

The Campanil came back from the Associated Collegiate Press Conference with several awards, and many new skills.

Editors Dajanae Barrows, Emily Mibach and Ari Nussbaum discuss pronouns and identities in journalism. (Jen Mac Ramos)

STORIFY | Student journalists talk queer coverage

Three Campanil staff members held a session at ACP about how to cover the queer community on college campuses.

Editors Jen Mac Ramos, Ari Nussbaum, Emily Mibach and Fatima Sugapong represented The Campanil at the CCMA Awards. (Terrapin Frazier)

STORIFY | Mills College journalists take home five awards

The Campanil placed in four state-wide categories and one national category this year.

ACP|The only session I disliked

News Assistant Editor Octavia Sun writes about her experience and thoughts on a panel at ACP.

(Jen Ramos)

ACP | Home court advantage

Online Editor Fatima Sugapong shares her experience being back home in Los Angeles and her experience at ACP.

ACP | Glad that 13 is my lucky number

Managing Editor Emily Mibach explains why this year was different from her other ACP trips.

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