Notes from Abroad

Gaza in my backyard: Oakland’s ignored violence

Jessica A. Burns thinks of how much Oakland has in common with certain parts of Israel as children in Oakland also walk in fear of being shot.

“Ganbare Fukushima, Ganbare Nihon”: Golden Week signals springtime in Japan

Christina Macias is experiencing Golden Week of springtime though things may still seem less “golden” for the people in Japan.

New beginnings in Tokyo during Hanami Matsuri season

As the Mills school year draws to a close, Christina Macias’ at Sophia University in Tokyo is just beginning.

Notes from Abroad: Stuck In The Middle

It’s only her mid-semester in Mexico and Terra Mikalson never thought she’d get “used to it.”

Letter from abroad: S/pace of Life

Terra Mikalson reflects on the brightly vibrant town of Guanajuato, Mexico and how excited she was just to see gay people again.

Letter From Abroad: Salsa Lessons

After a week of beginner lessons at El Bar, the rhythm of salsa runs through Terra Mikalson’s head constantly and she lets it consume her fully.

Letters from Abroad: If you don’t have health

Being sick yet again has made Terra Mikalson think about taking better care of herself and, concomitantly, what she wants to do with her time in Guanajuato, México

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