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Posts published in “Letters to the Editor”

On-Campus Missed Connections <3

Check out some Mills missed connections in which anonymous community members confess their longing for on-campus crushes.

COMIC | Top 5 Commencement Speeches

Using pop culture references, Cartoonist Beck Levy illustrates the top 5 speeches you'll hear at Commencement. (Some liberties have been taken)

On the Outside: Bonnie Horgos

Alum '12 Bonnie Horgos wants the Class of 2014 to know one thing before they graduate: it isn't like the real world. Here's why.

Response to Police Incident

Mills community member Zach Grant writes a letter in response to how Public Safety has handled a police incident on April 11.

Addressing Gender Binary

Opinions Editor Mackenzie Fargo asks if gender binary exists and if the options of biological sex are only between female and male.