Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Alumna Kathleen Seabolt found the future president of Mills, Elizabeth Hillman, inspiring.

An Open Letter from Students of the French & Francophone Studies

Emma Wilson and Tiara Jackson write an open letter on the proposed curriculum changes in regards to the language department.

Brian Walker (left) with his daughter and Mills graduating senior, Brittne. (Photo courtesy of Brian Walker)

A Father’s Letter to His Daughter: Brittne Walker

Unable to attend this year’s Commencement, Brian Walker penned a surprise letter to his daughter and graduating senior, Brittne.


COMIC | 2014 Commencement Survival Guide: The Essentials

Check out Cartoonist Beck Levy’s 2014 Commencement survival guide and learn which essentials you’ll need to have during the ceremony on May 17th.

Valeska Munoz. (Image courtesy of Valeska Munoz, edited by The Campanil)

A letter from graduating Senior Valeska Muñoz

Graduating senior Valeska Munoz decided to change her career plans as a veterinarian in order to become a teacher in Oakland and catalyst for social change.

Sarah Madison Ahern. (Photo by Mackenzie Fargo)

What you might have missed: Mills Senior Moments

Read what these Mills seniors have to say upon realizing that they’ll be graduating from Mills this May.

Stephanie Young, visiting assistant professor, English department.

Fashionable Faculty (1st Installment): Collect Them All!

Check out The Campanil’s picks for our first installment of “Fashionable Faculty.”

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