Rom-coms, rape law, and restorative justice: Lessons with Shirin Bakhshay

On Oct. 6, 2018, the Senate voted to confirm Justice Kavanaugh in the midst of sexual assault claims by Christine Blasey Ford. There have been new accusations that emerged on Sept. 15, 2019 by Deborah Ramirez, a student at Yale at the same time as the Supreme Court justice. These assaults took place in the […]

Unsurprisingly, The Emmys Ignored Women and People of Color

The 2019 Emmy Awards were a spectacle to behold; the ceremony was collateral damage of a culture war, straddling the expectations of both Old Hollywood and the growing movement advocating for more diversity in the media. As the democratization of media increases with the pace of technological advancement, Hollywood institutions like the Emmys have struggled […]

Staff Editorial: College Admission Scandal

Last month, the FBI charged fifty people for taking part in illegally securing admission into a handful of colleges and universities, making this one of the largest college admissions scams in the country. Wealthy parents involved offered up millions of dollars to one man, William Singer, to falsify potential students’ information. Singer owned a business […]

Staff Editorial: Recommending Mills

Would you recommend your college to potential students? As you attend higher education and grow as a student, feelings can change toward the college of your choice. You can go from excited to indifferent within the short span of a semester. There are many different aspects that could potentially make or break a college, and […]

Students are impacted in many different ways when faculty leaves Mills .

Staff Editorial: Teacher turnover and student instability

In the summer of 2017, Mills college lost five tenured professors due to the Financial Stabilization Plan introduced at the same time. In 2018, 14 professors were no longer on-campus. It seems as though more professors are leaving Mills, which is causing students to worry about their academic futures. Professors at Mills have many different roles […]

Staff Editorial: Civic engagement has always been and is still encouraged at Mills

On Feb. 26, President Hillman sent an email to everyone at Mills to let them know that civic engagement is welcome at Mills, and to encourage them to spread this message. Following the recent student activism surrounding gun control after the Parkland school shooting on Feb. 14, Hillman explained that some college admissions offices have […]

Professor of Ethnic Studies Vivian Chin poses with supportive students after testifying to the Mills College Board of Trustees on June 22, 2017.

Staff editorial: With the FSP, Mills College transitions from a liberal arts school to a neoliberal institution

This fall, Mills students return to a campus that was gutted by the hastily announced Financial Stabilization Plan, a decision which resulted in the sudden firing of tenured professors and various staff members. This past May, students were informed that Mills declared a state of financial emergency. Despite overwhelming student protest and a thoughtful alternative […]

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