Student journalism at Mills: What we’re up against

Student journalism on-campus is vital to the representation of student voices. Journalism at Mills is, and has been, under threat because of the structural opposition to the success of student-run publications such as The Campanil.  The publication of student voices and student reporting of news should not be devalued. The opportunities for reporting include both […]

Highlighting trans people on Instagram

In response to the violence that the Trump administration dealt when they released their intention to define gender as exclusively tied to sex assigned at birth, I wanted to highlight some of the transgender and nonbinary people who have spoken out about this decision and who have been vocal about their identities on Instagram. In […]

Where do we go from here?

We have all heard the statistic that one in four women have been sexually assaulted. It was thrown around in my high school, something that I never forgot, but normalized. It is easy to just accept it. But what happens when that ‘one’ is your mother, your sister, your friend? What happens when that ‘one’ […]

Dan Ryan, professor of sociology and Lorry I. Lokey chair in ethics

Testimony to Mills College Board of Trustees: Professor of Sociology Dan Ryan

This statement was sent by Professor of Sociology Dan Ryan to Mills College President Beth Hillman and the Board of Trustees ahead of the Board’s open meeting on June 22. Dear Katie, Beth, and Board Members Thank you for all your hard work over the past weeks (and beyond). I am sorry I cannot be […]

Associate Professor of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Judith Bishop

Mills College’s Dr. Judith Bishop: what you did and didn’t know

“Majestic,” “crystal clear,” “compassionate,” “life-changing” are the adjectives splashed on describing Dr. Judith Bishop, Associate Professor of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and Religious Studies. Despite the rave reviews, Dr. Bishop is one of the eleven faculty members targeted for termination under the current Financial Stabilization Plan. The layoff of beloved ranked and tenured […]

Letter to the editor: Regarding Vivian Chin’s proposed layoff

I am writing to protest the layoff of tenured professor Vivian Chin. Vivian is more than a professor at Mills; she is a knowledgeable, talented and valued teacher and an invaluable resource, warm and inclusive, for all students. Vivian was one of my child’s favorite professors. Vivian taught several courses she attended, and was a […]

Art used as a way of emphasizing indigenous land as an ancestor in itself. (Courtesy of Fanai Castro)

Fanohge Chamoru: Decolonization on Guam, one of the world’s last colonies

As a native Chamoru from the Pacific Island of Guahan (Guam), militarization is intimately woven throughout Assistant Arts and Entertainment Editor Sam Banett’s family history and present day experiences.

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