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Staff Editorial: Fyre Festival turns up the heat for influencers

Fyre Festival, the subject of two new documentaries on Netflix and Hulu, was a failed festival in the Bahamas that blew up on Instagram based on posts from models and influencers alone. Hugely successful at first, the festival sold out immediately after models and influencers posted about it on Instagram and a promotional video was released […]


How not to run a website

Tumblr is many things: a place for creative work, a way to call others to action, a safe haven for people to be themselves and yes, a website full of “adult content.” What does adult content mean in this case? According to the recent community guidelines update, it is real or lifelike images of sex […]

Student journalism at Mills: What we’re up against

Student journalism on-campus is vital to the representation of student voices. Journalism at Mills is, and has been, under threat because of the structural opposition to the success of student-run publications such as The Campanil.  The publication of student voices and student reporting of news should not be devalued. The opportunities for reporting include both […]

The toils of U.S. education: The cycle of censorship

My name is Quinn and I’m pretty upset. To provide some important context, I am a 22-year-old, white non-binary person who is currently enrolled in a social justice-oriented teacher credentialing program for an art credential. I have grown up with education through the eyes of a student and as a child of an educator. My […]


Staff Editorial: the ethics of photojournalism

The ethics of photojournalism is a frequently contested issue, as we are applying older philosophies to the relatively new medium of photography.  While some photojournalism in publications such as National Geographic feels exploitative of subjects, other instances of photojournalism, such as the documentation of the Vietnam War, have helped to raise awareness and inspire activism.   Ethics of photojournalism often […]

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Staff editorial: white supremacist political violence and the global rise of fascism

This election season has been rampant with voter suppression and manipulation, coinciding with the global rise of fascism. Multiple reports from Texas claimed that voters who voted straight-ticket (meaning they choose a party’s entire slate of candidates with a single ballot mark) witnessed voting machines changing their vote to that of the opposite party, amidst […]

Highlighting trans people on Instagram

In response to the violence that the Trump administration dealt when they released their intention to define gender as exclusively tied to sex assigned at birth, I wanted to highlight some of the transgender and nonbinary people who have spoken out about this decision and who have been vocal about their identities on Instagram. In […]