It’s time: A call for Mills College to go smoke and tobacco free

Mills College is known for its progressive and liberal values and practices. On top of that, the College prides itself in its efforts to be eco-friendly. Everywhere you look, you see compost bins, solar powered charging stations, signs about water and energy conservation, and vegan friendly food options. Unfortunately, there is something else you will […]

New BART surcharge is discriminatory

Starting on Jan. 1, 2018, BART began adding a 50 cent surcharge to paper tickets, meaning anyone without a plastic Clipper card would be charged more. This was clearly meant to encourage the use of Clipper cards, as the BART website states, “Riders are encouraged to get a Clipper card ( to avoid the surcharge.” For […]

(Photo from Wikimedia Commons) Mirai Nagasu at the 2010 Olympics. Nagasu was one of 11 Asian Americans representing the U.S. in the winter 2018 Olympics.

Asian American representation in the Olympics inspires pride

This 2018 Winter Olympics has been an amazing time for the Asian Americans on the U.S. team. In snowboarding, Chloe Kim at 17 years old became the youngest female to win a medal, taking gold. Vincent Zhou became the first skater to land a quadruple lutz jump in any Olympic game ever. Nathan Chen became […]

Bridging Problems and Solutions: An Appeal for History

When I was initially contemplating how to approach this article, I thought I was going to write about how current political discourse, especially among the younger generations, is limited to talking about problems (mostly via social media), and that there is little to no focus on solutions. However, I don’t exactly think that’s the case. […]

Local newspaper experiences layoffs

In another hit to local news coverage, East Bay Times will be suffering severe cuts to its editorial staff with recent buyouts and upcoming layoffs. Last month, Bay Area News Group announced it would be making significant layoffs to its reporting staff, following 28 buyouts of senior staff members, including seven from the East Bay […]

From the island to the bay: Diaspora and homeland experiences


We are both native Chamorus from the Pacific island of Guam, an unincorporated United States territory and one of the last United Nations recognized colonies in the world. The island and her people have experienced a long history of colonization and an ongoing reality of militarization. Many of our family’s lands have been unjustly taken […]

Microaggressions have a macro effect in everyday life

I’ve recently had the pleasure of rereading Octavia Butler’s Kindred. The novel follows protagonist Dana as she is transported back in time by some unknown force to the antebellum South to guarantee the birth of her direct ancestor, Hagar, and by proxy must protect her white slave-owning father. Time and time again, Dana’s identity as a […]