Filtering beauty: The toxic dilemma of Instagram beauty

Instagram is an extremely popular social media platform. One billion people are active Instagram users, and that number is expected to increase as the year goes by, according to There is a large beauty culture that is unique to Instagram. While many different social media platforms have similar content that surrounds the topic of […]

Please Stay: The Myth of Bravery

If I had a dollar for every time I have seen others preaching that mental illnesses should be taken as seriously as physical ones, I would perhaps be able to afford the lifelong quality treatment often required to alleviate symptoms of such illnesses. While the statement is true, the actions and words of those claiming […]

Anti-cop lyrics are freedom of expression

Music is a way that humans have expressed themselves since the beginning of history. It is an aspect of culture and a melodic way to communicate. Hip-hop and rap music has become extremely popular and mainstream, but pioneers within this genre have not always been appreciated. N.W.A. (Niggaz Wit Attitudes) was a hip hop group […]

XXXTentacion was charged with domestic violence.

Can art be separated from the abusive artist?

The pattern of male artists being excused for their abuse of women is nothing new, but the impact this has on the validity and importance of their art is still a divisive topic. The death of rapper XXXTentacion in June sparked debates on whether or not his art can be critiqued separately from his history of […]

Discussions about body positivity and eating disorders on-campus


At the end of February, Mills athletic training offered an Instagram challenge called #LoveYourSelfie as a celebration of their Body Acceptance Week. The challenge encouraged student athletes to share and celebrate positive feelings about self care and body image. The dates of this campaign coincided with National Eating Disorder Awareness week, sponsored by the National […]

Staff Editorial: cisgender men in classes changes dynamic

Many students have been drawn to Mills as a historically women’s college, excited by the prospect of being comfortable speaking up in class and sharing their ideas without cisgender men in the room dominating the conversation. When cisgender men are in classes with undergraduates, the classroom dynamic changes. The cisgender male students at Mills need to […]

Grande keeps darkening her skin with a fake tan

Break up with Ariana Grande, she’s problematic

A breakup with Ariana Grande has been long overdue. She wasn’t on my radar until her fourth album “Sweetener,” which just won a Grammy for best pop vocal album, was released in 2018. I appreciated her candid lyrics about her struggles with anxiety and trauma, both themes I can relate to. I was looking forward […]