(Dani Toriumi)

FINDING MYSELF BEFORE LEAVING MILLS| Learning about myself in classes

Online Editor Alexina Estrada talks about how classes at Mills have helped mold her identity.

Renowned journalist Aboubakr Jamai shared his thoughts about the current state of the press. (Courtesy of Flickr)

Media Matters: discussing journalism in the age of Trump with Aboubakr Jamaï

Contributing writer Alexa Barger discusses what media looks like today and how to navigate through it all.

Mandarin classes take cut from administration

Eva Flores writes about the recent cuts in the Mandarin department and what this means.

(Dani Toriumi)

FINDING MYSELF BEFORE LEAVING MILLS| Family history is my history

Editor Alexina Estrada writes about the importance of knowing her family history to understand herself.

In an alternate universe, Bob Dylan and Joan Baez would come together to sing about all the justice capitalism has done. (Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

There is nothing counter-culture about conservatism

Managing Editor Emily Burian writes about punk rock.

The world is a dark, scary place — but at least Kristen Stewart is gay

Editor in Chief Abbey Flentje writes about how among everything else happening in the world, Kristen Stewart announced she is gay.


Finding Myself Before Leaving Mills| What it’s like to be first-generation and low income at a private institution

In this issue’s column, Online Editor Alexina Estrada writes about the realities of being a first generation low income student at an institution like Mills.