Local newspaper experiences layoffs

In another hit to local news coverage, East Bay Times will be suffering severe cuts to its editorial staff with recent buyouts and upcoming layoffs. Last month, Bay Area News Group announced it would be making significant layoffs to its reporting staff, following 28 buyouts of senior staff members, including seven from the East Bay […]

From the island to the bay: Diaspora and homeland experiences


We are both native Chamorus from the Pacific island of Guam, an unincorporated United States territory and one of the last United Nations recognized colonies in the world. The island and her people have experienced a long history of colonization and an ongoing reality of militarization. Many of our family’s lands have been unjustly taken […]

Microaggressions have a macro effect in everyday life

I’ve recently had the pleasure of rereading Octavia Butler’s Kindred. The novel follows protagonist Dana as she is transported back in time by some unknown force to the antebellum South to guarantee the birth of her direct ancestor, Hagar, and by proxy must protect her white slave-owning father. Time and time again, Dana’s identity as a […]

Kevin Spacey’s coming out harkens back to age-old conflation of queerness and pedophilia

With the recent slew of sexual assault reports in Hollywood, the politics of responsibility and privilege have come into question. Notable actor Kevin Spacey found himself at the forefront when he was accused of over twenty counts of inappropriate sexual behavior against various people between 1982 and 2016, some of whom were minors at the time. The […]

Staff Editorial: Net neutrality is necessary for journalism and movement organizing

Social media and online platforms have allowed the public to closely track the mounting absurdity and violence of the Trump-era. We’ve followed the president’s volatile outbursts on Twitter, witnessed horrific videos of the Las Vegas shooting and participated in narratives of sexual assault allegations and transparency – which have been powerfully controlled by women. We’ve […]

Staff editorial: #MeToo movement demands nothing of abusers

Following the Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct allegations, actress Alyssa Milano sent out a call to action on Twitter asking all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted to write “me too,” to illustrate the magnitude of rape culture. Since then, the #MeToo social media movement has centered the national conversation on experiences of […]

Saying no to #MeToo

In her article, “Literally, Why Can’t I Say #MeToo?”  Veronica Rukh insists, “It doesn’t have to be ‘bad enough’ for it to count.” Though this is undeniably true, the article further uncovers some unfortunate associations with being a survivor of sexual violence. Rukh says she is unsure whether this Facebook/Twitter campaign is reflective of her experiences, and that she doesn’t […]