(Photo by Wikimedia Commons) Novella Carpenter has received criticism for her racialized description of Oakland.

Farm City by Novella Carpenter sparks controversy

As a Mills first year student and longtime Oakland resident, I’m writing this piece to spark a discussion about how Mills as an institution can create a stronger dialogue with the Oakland community. I am disappointed by how the panel with the author of Farm City, the assigned book for the incoming class, went. What […]

Where do we go from here?

We have all heard the statistic that one in four women have been sexually assaulted. It was thrown around in my high school, something that I never forgot, but normalized. It is easy to just accept it. But what happens when that ‘one’ is your mother, your sister, your friend? What happens when that ‘one’ […]

Staff editorial: Classroom dynamics are often stacked against non-traditional students and students of color

As the fall semester launches and assignments pile up, our staff took a moment to reflect on Mills College’s classroom culture and academic dynamics. Many of us chose to attend Mills because the small classroom sizes promised engaging discussions and offered us opportunities to receive close mentorship from faculty. Small class sizes also offer their […]

Cross-registration: It’s a lot

To Mills students, cross-registration seems like a great way to explore surrounding colleges and take classes that may not be offered at Mills, specifically in foreign language.  The requirements to do so may impede on students’ academic success. Although it is clearly stated on the Mills website, many full-time students are not aware that to […]

Seeing Pacific Islanders as Indigenous Peoples, not as Asian Americans

Last fall, I was extremely excited when I heard that there was another native Chamoru student attending Mills. Chamorus are the Indigenous peoples of the Marianas Islands — including the island of Guam, where I’m from. Coming from a small island in the Pacific, it’s always a big deal when I meet another Pacific Islander — let alone […]

Staff Editorial: Student distrust of Mills administration continues

As returning students settle in for the fall semester, a growing sense of distrust and dissatisfaction with the Mills administration seems to be the topic of many back-to-school conversations. In between classes, students can be overheard exchanging stories of errors increases in their student bills. Within the past year, the sticker price to attend to the […]

Who is Criminal in America?

It’s a peculiar thing to entrust your children to someone else. I’ve had the privilege of taking care of mine since their birth. I have been home with them since 2015, while pregnant with my first. It’s been my honor to be a stay-at-home-mom and their sole caretaker. An honor that I came to at […]