Dan Ryan, professor of sociology and Lorry I. Lokey chair in ethics

Testimony to Mills College Board of Trustees: Professor of Sociology Dan Ryan

This statement was sent by Professor of Sociology Dan Ryan to Mills College President Beth Hillman and the Board of Trustees ahead of the Board’s open meeting on June 22. Dear Katie, Beth, and Board Members Thank you for all your hard work over the past weeks (and beyond). I am sorry I cannot be […]

(Photo courtesy of Chad Lutz) María De Los Ángeles Dominguez, an ethnic studies alumna and incoming co-chair of the Alumni of Color Committee, testifies against the proposed layoffs of faculty members before the Board of Trustees at Mills College on June 22, 2017.

Testimony to Mills College Board of Trustees: Alumni of Color Committee Co-Chair María De Los Ángeles Domínguez

My name is María De Los Ángeles Domínguez, Ethnic Studies alumna, born and raised in East Oakland less than a half mile from here, along with my sister, Ana Dominguez, who is a current ethnic studies student. My history goes back to Mills in 1998 when I was part of Mills Upward Bound program. I […]

Women's climbing festival inspired climbers. (Phoebe Rogers)

Column I Festival takes women climbers to new heights

Contributing writer Phoebe Rogers talks about women rock climbers and their inspirations.

California Health Care uncertain with Obamacare on life support

The CA State Legislature must act quickly if it is to ensure a safe landing for the millions of American residents.

Federal guidelines protecting trans students' rights removed. (Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Political Column I Trump and his administrations’s transphobic policies must be resisted

Editor in Chief writes about Trump’s administration’s rescinding of federal guidelines for trans students.

Clinton (above) presents many issues for intersectional feminists.

Column I For Hillary Clinton, being a woman is not enough to be the first woman president

Clinton needs more to garner the younger female vote.

COLUMN I How to pull a healthy(ish) all-nighter

With midterm season here, Abbey Flentje gives some tips on how to pull an all-nighter successfully.

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