Special Issue 2015

Women's colleges formerly excepted transgender students based solely on a case-by-case basis; today, several women's colleges have begun to consider all Trans* applicants.

Mills makes steps to become more gender inclusive, students feel more can be done

A year after Mills College changed its admissions policy regarding gender identification, some students still find the College has more work to do in order to fulfill the full promise that decision suggests.

Q & A with strike documentarian Alexa Pagonas

The Campanil spoke with Alexa Pagonas, class of 1991, who is currently working on a documentary about the 1990 strike.

Faculty looks back at the 16 days that changed everything

Mills professors Marianne Sheldon and Kathleen Walkup recount the famous sixteen days in 1990.

Alumnae reflect on community

Mills Alumnae Meredith May and Lisa Kremer share their experiences with the 1990 protest.

The current library at Mills

Lost Mills: Margret Carnegie Hall & F. W. Olin Library

The F.W. Olin library used to be known as the Margaret Carnegie Library, which was located where the M Center is now located.

50 years ago. 230 women's colleges existed. There are only 40 left. (Photo Courtesy Linda A. Moody)

The struggle for women’s colleges today

The amount of women’s colleges have fallen from 230 to 40 in only 50 years despite the satisfaction of students and alumnae.

Creating space means…

Erin Armstrong shares her personal experience as a Trans woman and the importance of creating space on campus.

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