Final Words from the Editor-in-Chief: Get Uncomfortable

Tara Nelson will be retiring as Editor in Chief in May and wishes her friends-and-coworkers at The Campanil farewell and good luck.

Missing the Point: The “Why” of Journalism

Editor in Chief Tara Nelson feels that the constant need to be the first to break a story will make her miss the point of why she became a journalist.

Smokejumpers: The firefighters you don’t hear about

Smokejumper Andrew Harris tells The Campanil what it’s like to parachute into a wilderness of fire.

The Washington Post – the center cannot hold

Tara Nelson gives an account of poverty and other social and economic issues in the nation’s Capital.

The Washington Post: The Smell of Democracy

Tara Nelson writes about her spring break tour of Washington DC smells.

A Beat Behind: Washington Snowpocalypse

Tara Nelson writes about coping with the “frozen, powdery hell” of winter in Washington and snow puns.

A Beat Behind: The Washington Post

Columnist Tara Nelson described her return to the nation’s capital for a semester-long journalism program.

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