Tania Gidney shares her thoughts Star Wars Episode VII and #BoycottStarWarsVII.

"Suffragette," is about the history of women's voting rights in England. (Courtesy of Focus Features)

Mills Students attend pre-screening of “Suffragette”

On October 15, Mills students viewed a free screening of the movie Suffragette and one student writes about the experience.

Ben Carson has views that some see as more radical than Donald Trump.

Column: Ben Carson is worse than Trump

Columnist Tania Gidney discusses how Republican Presidential Nominee Candidate Ben Carson is more radical than his opponent Donald Trump.

Tania Gidney

Column: Hillary and Mills

This column looks at the relationship between Hillary Clinton and Mills students.

Kim Davis sucks…and that’s not what matters

Contributing writer Tania Gidney shares her opinions on Kim Davis and her actions.

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