Meet Mills creative writing faculty Lisa Gray

Sitting at her desk with her glasses perched on the tip of her nose, surrounded by a flurry of papers, Lisa Gray punches out a quick email to one of her mentees before she forgets. As a graduate of both Mills College and Spelman College, Gray has been dedicated to empowering women and uplifting African […]

West Oakland 2 West Africa Poetry

On Oct. 27,  members of the Mills College and Oakland community gathered at Miliki Restaurant to hear the West Oakland to West Africa (WO2WA) Poetry Exchange group recite the poetry they’ve been creating throughout the semester. WO2WA is a group in West Oakland that exchanges poetry with poets in West Africa. Each member of the group […]

Oparah discusses birthing justice with black women in new book

On Thursday night, members of the Black Women Birthing Justice collective, joined in the student union to celebrate the publication of Battling Over Birth: Black Women and the Maternal Health-Care Crisis in California by sharing stories of their turbulent experiences during pregnancy.  The Black Women Birthing Justice (BWBJ) began in 2011 in the living room of Chinyere Oparah, […]

Students discuss climate change at panel

On Nov. 9, a panel of Indigenous women joined in the Student Union to discuss the state of our environment and propose solutions for how to protect and preserve what is left of it. The event, Climate Chaos – Indigenous Solutions, was led by environmental and Indigenous activists who sought to bring attention to the effect […]

Oakland Rules and Legislation discuss gentrification in committee meeting

On Nov. 2, the city of Oakland’s Rules and Legislation Committee was urged by concerned residents and a council member to take action against the housing crisis in the city. Upon the request of Adam Benson, the financial manager of the city of Oakland, the Rules and Legislation Committee consolidated two items put forth by the […]

Wildfires lead to conversation about climate change

California is currently suffering from the worst case of wildfires in its history, with approximately 42 dead and dozens missing, leading many in the United States to wonder if the sudden outbreak of natural disasters on U.S. territory and in neighboring nations is a result of climate change. In the month following Hurricane Harvey, the United States has been […]

(Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons) Conversations surrounding gun control were spurred by a mass shooting on the Las Vegas strip on Oct. 1, 2017.

Las Vegas shooting leaves students questioning current gun regulations

The controversial debate on gun control has returned to the forefront of political debates in the recent days since the Las Vegas massacre, where at least 58 people have died and over 500 were injured. According to The Federalist, the original purpose of the Second Amendment was “to give the people the means to overthrow the […]

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