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How Cold is the Polar Vortex?

How cold is the polar vortex? Humor Columnist S.A. Dew can give you a few ideas.

From the funnydrole Tumblr.

Hire this Mills student

Humor Columnist S.A. Dew has provided her resume with qualifications in retweeting Mindy Kaling and stealing from Founder’s Commons.

The defaced slogan of Mills’ class wall mural previously read “F13RCE Class of 2013.” (All photos by Natalie Meier)

Confessions of a Mills Vandal

Humor Columnist S.A. Dew satirically delves into the mind of the “Mills vandal.”

A wiener dog. (Wikimedia Commons)

Humor Columnist S.A. Dew depicts a “common wiener dog’s'” Twitter account.

Students exiting the Mills shuttle. (Photo by Amber Mendoza)

Riding the Mills Shuttle: A Portrait

S.A. Dew vividly captures the experience of riding the Mills shuttle.

From the GIFs Reaction Archive on Tumblr.

Mills Admissions rejects Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Squarepants receives a rejection letter from Mills College.

Craigslist logo.

Craigslist Ad for the Worst Roommate Ever

Here’s a few details about your future worst roommate ever.

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