Cyclone of the Week: Tayla Muise

Tayla Muise, 19 and a first year at Mills, can most likely be found playing soccer on the field on campus. Born in Ojai, California, Muise has been playing soccer since she was eight years old. In high school, she attended Villanova Preparatory School, a Catholic boarding and day school. Muise decided to go to […]

Bon Appetit raises ground beef standards

The Bon Appétit Management Company, Mills College’s food service provider, began sourcing its ground beef from suppliers that meet its own strict animal welfare standards on Sept 1. Fedele Bauccio, Bon Appétit CEO and co-founder, told the Washington Post in August that he wants to change the meat industry and influence the “big players” to […]

Budget constraints: Mills aims to cut costs by hiring graduate students in the Center for Academic Excellence

In order to save money, the Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) on campus has taken to hiring Mills graduate students to fill administrative and tutoring positions. Graduate students are able to gain teaching experience through their work with CAE, and the department saves money by partially paying their student workers through tuition scholarships. “We pay […]

Cyclones all over the world

KC Callender, 22, led a productive life while at Mills College, which included being a Resident Assistant for several Learning Living Communities, and is now looking ahead to the future with the hopes of finding a career working with marine mammals. Since graduating, Callender has been extremely busy selling her belongings, including her car and […]

Art museum renovated, soon to reopen

The Mills Art Museum underwent renovations this summer in order to stabilize the 87 year-old building and strengthen its structure in case of earthquakes.

Mills senior finds passion in travel, music, psychology

Molly Shapiro, 21, has led an exciting life so far, traveling to exotic locations such as the Caribbean and Israel, and will soon journey to China following her graduation in the spring. Originally born in Los Angeles, Shapiro lived in the Caribbean for four years. Her mother worked in the hotel business and was transferred […]

Mills’ first math MA

  Graduate student Alison Mirin, 23, is set to become Mills’ first graduate with an MA in mathematics. Mirin is part of the College’s 4+1 program, which allows undergraduates to earn both a BA and an MA in five years. She first came to Mills in Fall 2006, when she was 17.  In January 2011, […]

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