PRESS RELEASED: Graduating Seniors

Rebekah Raymon, Design Editor When I came to Mills College, I was completely new to the Bay Area and California in general, but I was excited to be in a new place. I was just a kid, unsure of what I wanted in college and in life. From the Hellman program to being a club […]


How not to run a website

Tumblr is many things: a place for creative work, a way to call others to action, a safe haven for people to be themselves and yes, a website full of “adult content.” What does adult content mean in this case? According to the recent community guidelines update, it is real or lifelike images of sex […]

Workshop class offers balance between traditional college experience and on-the-job training

The art history Museum Studies Workshop, one of many interesting courses offered at Mills, is a great opportunity to explore the behind-the-scenes work that art museums engage in and gives students a head start in pursuing a career as a museum curator. Limited to six people and for undergrads only, the course offers trips to local […]

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