Office of Student Life presents “Spa Day” for Mills students

On Friday, Nov. 18, the Office of Student Life, had a “Spa Day” for the Mills community.

Five Physical Education courses to consider for the Spring

Zumba (PE 012K) Zumba is a fun way to work out. It combines different styles of dance like salsa, hip hop, jazz and belly dance Intermediate Swiming (PE022B) This swim class teaches you not only how to swim, but also the various swimming styles such as the butterfly, breast stroke and back stroke. Yoga (PE016) […]

Yoruba Priestess kick starts “TUBtalks” series

TUBtalks, a lecture series situated in the Jacuzzi at the Mills College Aquatic Center, is designed to integrate traditional modes of relaxation while questioning social and educational norms.

Satisfy your Halloween sweet tooth with these healthy alternatives

  For those of you with a major sweet tooth, try candy made of sesame and honey. This snack contains a good amount of protein and will no doubt be a hit. Give the kids in your neighborhood granola bars or more specifically, bars that contain figs. Figs are a nutritional powerhouse and full of […]

Public Safety really needs to cool it with the parking tickets

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels disconnected from Public Safety at Mills. Yeah, they can be useful when you need a lift to your dorm from the Tea Shop or when you’ve forgotten your key to get into a building, but really, what else are they doing for the students? If it’s […]

Tips for keeping healthy during the midterms, cold season

The Campanil was curious as to how people in the Mills community stay health during what can often be a stressful time.  Here are four ways people keep calm and carry on. “I’ve been spreading myself too thin lately, so I’ve been sick twice this year. But I drink lots of Yerba Mate and I […]

Mills College Health and Wellness Fair 2011

On Thursday, Sept. 29, Mills hosted its annual Health and Wellness Fair. The Division of Student Life, Public Safety, the Sustainability Center, and Housing Management and Dining Services joined forces to bring together Mills College’s and Oakland’s local services. Students were able to receive free acupuncture, complementary massages, free flu shots, blood pressure and other […]

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