Some thoughts on the UC Berkeley ‘Diversity’ bakesale, or: Those cupcakes need re-pricing

When I first read about the UC Berkeley Republicans bake sale, I was excited that they decided to adjust prices according to race. Well, I was sort of excited. I thought: Wow, how nice of them to charge according to the wage inequality that women and people of color experience. I was going to tell […]

Graduation is fun for everyone — well, mostly just my mother

Nicole Vermeer’s mom is super excited about her graduation while Nicole is a frenzied, frustrated mess knowing that her Mills experience will soon all be over.

Crafty Creations: Mills students participate in the bi-annual Craft Fair

Students, staff and other members of the Mills community came together on Tuesday, April 19 to sell homemade goodies and gifts. PHOTOS inside!

DeCoudreaux: The woman behind the resume

Alecia DeCoudreaux shares the other facets of her life away from Mills such as cooking and baking for her family and listening to jazz music.

Psychology professor, students study memories of Japan disaster

In response to the recent earthquakes and tsunami in Japan, Psychology Professor Christie Chung is conducting a study about peoples’ memories of the disaster.

PHOTOS | President-elect Alecia DeCoudreaux’s quick visit

Take a look at the pictures of President-elect Alecia DeCoudreaux dropping in for a quick campus visit on March 9.

Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” Fails to Live Up to All the Hype

Nicole Vermeer reviews Lady Gaga’s new single “Born This Way” and wonders how can the anthem be liberating when it continues to oppress the people it aims to uplift.

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