Budget deficit causes lay-offs, charges filed against Mills

Laura Engelken, former Director of Spiritual and Religious Life was met with a severance package the day she was allegedly supposed to be meeting Dean Stiglitz. Engelken was just one of eight layoffs or staff reductions that have recently occurred. These layoffs have resulted in an attempt to rebuild from the college’s $5 million deficit. […]

"AJ" Parmidge. (Image courtesy of AJ Parmidge)

Going to Google: Amelia “AJ” Parmidge

Amelia “AJ” Parmidge is graduating with both a B.S. and M.A. and will be taking a full-time position as a software engineer for Google.

The front entrance of the Mary Morse building. (Photo by Natalie Meier)

Mary Morse community continues campus conversations around racism

On April 24, the newly formed Mills Bias Response Team held a community meeting to address the racist note found stuck on a student’s door a month ago.

Group photo at the event, including Mayor Jean Quan. (Photo by Chardonnay Hightower-Collins)

Women in Politics event brings influential female politicians to Mills

FemDems, Mills ’s resident Feminist Democrat club, brought a number of powerful female politicians to a panel on April 16 to discuss what it’s like to be a woman in politics.

Glee GIF from http://3.bp.blogspot.com/.

No dolla dolla bills, y’all

Managing Editor Natalie Meier takes unpaid internships to task and questions their necessity.

The cover of Foster the People's sophomore album, Supermodel. (Foster the People)

Foster The People unveils sophomore album Supermodel

Foster The People returned on March 14 after a 3-year absence with the release of their much-anticipated second album, Supermodel.

Students and faculty at Public Policy Professor Martha Crunkleton's lunch-time address "The World is Calling You: The Power of Public Service” on March 19. (Photo by Natalie Meier)

The Call to Public Service

On March 19, Public Policy Professor Martha Crunkleton held a lunch-time address to encourage students to apply for a Fulbright scholarship and become public servants.

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