Mills Campus Intiative: Spokes Folk Bike Co-Op

When your car breaks down you can call AAA, but when your bicycle breaks down who do you turn to? Bike repair tools and mechanical specialists are now a service offered to the Mills Community by the Spokes Folks Bike Co-Op, this semester’s new club on campus. The group has held bike repair seminars, bringing […]

Question of the Week | April 17, 2012

On this Friday the 13, what do you hope doesn’t happen to you? “I hope that I don’t die at Adam Lowdermilk’s recital.” —Moni Gbadebo, second year graduate student “I hope I’m not quoted in public.” —Ralph Lewis, third year graduate student “I hope I don’t fall asleep in class.” —Rachel Quimby, sophomore “I hope […]

Question of the Week | April 10, 2012

Who’s your favorite prophet?

A gentile’s guide to Passover

When it gets to be Passover holiday time, I always think about how hard it must be for non-Jews, feeling so left out on this super fun holiday. But I am here to help you unchosen people to understand some of the basics of this holiday you call Passover. We call it “Pasach” (pronounced “pay-sock”). […]

Question of the Week | April 3, 2012

Who’s your favorite fool and how will you prank them on April Fool’s Day?

How to prank your day away: a guide to April Fools

National Fools day has come again! Just kidding. April fools! (about the second sentence). What a fool you are to have believed me on that one for even a second. On April Fools Day it’s time to bring together the fools in your life and thank them with a feast. Just kidding. Again. That’s that […]

Question of the Week | March 13, 2012

If you could party with anyone in the world over Spring Break, who would you choose?

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